(2013) Available in CD or LP
Wild animals, tall tales, dark stories from American history.
Haunting music, emotionally charged, unique.

SONGS: Flies , Frogs, Eels, Octopus, Owls, Caterpillars, Glow Worm,
Woodpecker, Gulls, Spider, Wildebeest



(2010) Self-released collection of demos, covers and orphaned songs. Companion to "Smothered & Covered".

SONGS: The Lost Soul, When it Rains, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, Snowball, Ain't No Grave, Little Buddy, Eleanor Rigby, A Plague of Humans, Famous Blue Raincoat, Drinking Beer on the Roof, Telephones and Telescopes, Lost Highway, Honcho,
The Blizzard, What Does the Deep Sea Say,
Tranqualized, June Bugs (alternate mix), One Way Up (4-track demo),
Claire Said (rehearsal tape)

    (2009) CD OR LP

An album of  love songs (odes to a cement mixer, a praying mantis,
spinning planets...) released by Brett and Rennie on their twentieth
wedding anniversary.

SONGS: Linger, Let me Linger; Little Sparrows; My Friend;
When You Whispered;
The Loneliness of Magnets; June Bugs;
A Thousand Diamond Rings;
Love is Like; The Petrified Forest;
Wild Wood; Darling, My Darling;
The Winding Corn Maze


(2006) CD only
Inspired by the age of great explorers— shipwrecks, laboratories,
bowling alleys and drive-thrus. Shopping carts abandoned, gloves
found at roadside...

Your Great Journey, Tesla's Hotel Room, These Golden Jewels, After We Shot The Grizzly, Flapping Your Broken Wings, Beautiful William, All the Time in Airports, White Lights, Bowling Alley Bar, Hunter Green, Our Blue Sky, Somewhere Else To Be

(2003) CD or LP (LP now on 'ghost green' vinyl!)
The album that gained a second life after True Detective
used track 5 for its main title theme. Songs of strange
dreams and forgotten paths.

SONGS: The Forgotten Lake, Gail with the Golden Hair,
24-Hour Store, The
Bottomless Hole, Far From Any Road,
If the World Should End in Fire, A Shadow Underneath,
Dry Bones, Fallen Peaches, Whitehaven, Sleepy, The
Song of A Hundred Toads, If the
World  Should End in Ice


(2002) CD only
13 rare recordings that never made it onto other Handsome Family
CDs: odd covers, intimate demos, orphaned songs

COVERS: Faraway Eyes, Banks of the Ohio, Knoxville Girl,
Sunday Morning Coming Down,
I Hear a Sweet Voice Calling,
Trail of Time

ORIGINALS: There's a City, Natalie Wood, Stupid Bells.

DEMOS: #1 Country Song, The Last, Down in the Ground
ALSO: some of Brett's instrumental pieces involving cello,
prepared piano and vocal harmony

(2001) CD only
Dark dreams in city streets.
Songs of streetlights,
parking lots,
snowy yards and dogs in trees

SONGS: The Snow White Diner, Passenger Pigeons, A Dark Eye, 
There is a Sound,
All the TVs in Town, Gravity, Cold, Cold,
Cold, No One Fell, Asleep Alone, I Know You Are There,
Birds You Cannot See,
The White Dog, So Long, Peace
in the
Valley Once Again

    (2000) CD only
Songs of wind and meadow green, piles of crutches
laid down, a beautiful
skeleton high on a hill

SONGS:  Don’t Be Scared, The Sad Milkman, In the Air,
A Beautiful Thing,
So Much Wine, Up Falling Rock
Hill, Poor, Poor, Lenore,
When that Helicopter Comes,
Grandmother Waits for you, Lie Down, My Beautiful Bride


(1998) CD or LP
Songs of the wilderness, the shadows beneath the trees,
the creatures lurking in hollow logs
SONGS: Weightless Again, My Sister’s Tiny Hands, 
Stalled, Where the Birch Trees Lean, Cathedrals, Down in the
Ground, The Giant
of Illinois, Down in the Valley of Hollow Logs,
I Fell, The Woman Downstairs, Last Night I Went out Walking,
My Ghost, Bury Me Here


(1996) CD only
Songs from a fragile, frazzled place where wounds won't
heal and ghosts howl in caves

SONGS: Lake Geneva, Winnebago Skeletons,
Drunk By Noon, The House Carpenter,

The Dutch Boy, The King Who Wouldn’t
Smile, Emily
Shore 1819-1839
, 3-Legged Dog, #1 Country Song,
Amelia Earhart vs. The Dancing Bear

(1995) CD only
Our very first record written by young kids
trying to find a pathway inward to find the old, lost songs

Here’s Hopin’, Arlene, Pony, One
Way Up, Water into Wine
, Giant Ant, Everything that Rises Must Converge, Gorilla, The Last, Claire Said, Moving Furniture Around,Big Bad Wolf, She Awoke with a Jerk, Happy Harvest