, 2018

Behold, The Lizardcaster!

of the great inner sea, brave divers of the wordless deep… Herein, find news of the LIZARDCASTER and a whole mess of UK & EUROPEAN TOUR DATES in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of our record Through the Trees. Let 2018 be the year we all see LIZARDS dancing in the fire...

UK & EUROPE 2018— We’re heading to UK and Europe in celebration of Loose Music's new blue vinyl, 20th anniversary edition of “Through the Trees” (including “Invisible Trees”— a bonus CD of out-takes, live performances and bickering). LP available for sale at upcoming european dates and worldwide.


More shows in Europe are in the works for next year as well as attempts to find a way down to Australia and New Zealand. In the meantime we’re working on new songs. May the song gods grace us.

We thank you truly for your support,

Rennie & Brett

THE                                                  LIZARDCASTER ...

Guaranteed to attract and bind invisible forces with each strum. Also a great guitar to play…

starts NOW
ENDS Feb. 15, 2018

* * *

LOST LIMBS— The ability to regenerate a lost limb has given the lizard a mysterious reputation, but such regeneration is actually a fairly simple form of time travel in which a lizard  runs backwards in time-space to the place where it last saw its tail.  This natural process is also why lizards are often spotted in fireplaces basking in  flames— time-travel is chilly business.

* * *

was once a common form of psychic attack that could only be countered by the discovery of the tree where the actual lizards were buried. Such cruel magic has largely fallen out of favor, replaced by the equally controversial, “Lobster in the Sock Drawer.” Lizards found in your shoes are always a sign of good luck.

* * *

can be trained to clamp onto earlobes for a night out on the town. These amphibious ‘ear rings’ can  be worn for up to twelve hours (14% of users experience earlobe disfiguration and loss of low-end hearing as well as delusions of fire). Lizard earrings pair well with live snake belts and/or hibernating porcupine hats. You know what the Handsome Family will be wearing on stage in 2018.

* * *

well tonight, dear reader. May we all find something good in our shoes come the morning. See you at a show. Wear your hibernating porcupine hat for admission discount (hibernating bear cubs are not acceptable substitutions).

xo Rennie & Brett

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