How now MICROBIOMES? I greet you as one universe of bacteria and DNA to another. We organisms that sing songs are again packing our suitcases. FAIR WARNING: I have bought a very small hat to wear on stage. It’s going to make you all question your hat choices, life paths and the smell of pumpkin spice lattes (there are no pumpkins in it!). In other words: the difference in size between my actual skull and this hat is substantial. Where can you dare to see this super-tiny hat? READ ONWARD…



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I'm reading Iceberg Slim’s autobiography, “Pimp” and also “Goethe the Alchemist" by Ronald Douglas Gray. Can you guess which quote is from which book?
1.   “Sympathy between man and nature, the part and the whole, this is the basis for all magic.”

2. “He took the bait like a rapist in a nudist colony for the blind. He poked his chest out, his eyes flashing like a pin-ball machine gone haywire. He hiked the pants of his green checked suit to the calves to show off his blood red socks.”

3. “My name is Party Time. I am the  best flat-footed hustler in town. You see that fine silk broad? I got a double saw to lay her. It happens all the time!"

4. “Heaven and Earth, acid and alkali, the fixed and the fluid, salt and sulphur— opposed tendencies are to be brought into harmony. The final aim is an incorruptible permanence which embraces within itself all opposites. “

Do all humans agree that MINT tastes ‘fresh’? When did we decide this as a species? Usually things that sting and numb our mouths signal toxicity. Mint, you evil genius! You have made fools of us all.

TODAY I am reminded: Loosing a limb or losing at bingo— loss allows us to see the full extent of ourselves. It’s not always a pleasant sight. Which is realer: your phantom limb or mine?  Do you remember when you were one cell? Do you remember when you were two? Three? Scientists agree that Walt Whitman was right: we do contain multitudes— unfortunately it’s mostly bacteria.

xo Rennie (& Brett)

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